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Juice plus

I am a former Elementary School Teacher and College Professor who is currently living in Pittsgrove, New Jersey with my husband, Howard and my two sons, Tyler and Dustin. I was so convinced of the important role nutrition plays in maintaining good health and recovering from illness that I left my teaching career to become involved in the wellness industry. I became involved with Juice Plus+ in 1994, and am now a National Marketing director for this 40-year-old company. Juice Plus+ is 17 fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule and people just love it. Learn more here


Mostly Cupcakes

I take pride in my baked goods and make all items from scratch, in my home. Everything is fresh and moist when you receive my desserts! You won't get a dry cupcake from me!

Dove Chocolate Discoveries

DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ launched in February 2007 as one of the latest ventures from Mars, Incorporated. Now, a global leader in chocolate, Mars roots goes back to the kitchen. In the 1880'S, when Frank Mars was a young boy, his mother taught him to hand-dip chocolate. With his wife, Ethel, Frank started a home candy-making business in Tacoma, Washington, that eventually grew into Mars, Inc., a world-wide industry leader in chocolate confections. Going back to its direct-selling heritage, Mars created DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™. Since then, the Chocolatier sales force has taken off. There are now Chocolatiers in 48 states.



This blog is about easy and YUMEEE recipes that can be made anytime. Please try them, leave feedback and follow my blog so you can check back often.